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Welcome to Car Craft's 24 Hour Internet Store

Sale !!!!!
Everyday is a Sale here at Car Craft, We generally always have the best prices. No need to wait for sales. Even with the shipping we are usually cheaper. 

Call to place your order and ask about our new FedEx One Rate we offer for
the lower 48 states on the mainland. 
Hawaii, Alaska, U.S. Territory's still get the best deal through the U.S. Postal Service.
All the others call for Postal Rates....

We also are able to do payments by Zelle,  call to place your order
and we'll give you the info on how to do this.....

We will do our best to get it to you as cheap as possible.  We also have a very knowledgable staff to help you with your orders. If the person helping you doesn't know, there are a couple others here to ask.

Why wait for specials or super specials. Every day is special at our store.

This business is 40+ Years Strong !!!!

We are an actual store with a huge showroom open to the

Our retail walk in store will be closed on Saturdays until further notice

(Internet Prices available at the store too)

No Coupons, No Codes, No Minimum - Just Low Prices.  Small Items?  Not a Problem, we can mail them.
You'll find our prices are cheaper even with the shipping.

We match pricing
(price matching must be on the same item/vendor)
Don't want to order by internet? Give us a call (951) 781-0452


Billet Shift Couplers - Best on the market !!!!
Price: From $37.50 to $59.90
Billet Shift Couplers - Best on the market !!!!
Billet VW Shift Coupler
Click on our new MST catagory
Price: $0.00
Click on our new MST catagory
Motor Shirt
Price: From $20.00 to $25.00
Motor Shirt
VW Motor Shirt
New Multi Car Shirt
Price: From $20.00 to $25.00
New Multi Car Shirt
T-Shirt VWs
Super Deluxe Complete Longblock
Price: $3,750.00
Super Deluxe Complete Longblock
VW Complete Stroker Longblock Build
Top End Kits
Price: From $550.00 to $770.00
Top End Kits
VW Longblock Top End Kits
Dual Empi 40 & 44 HPMX & IDF Kits
Price: From $539.90 to $999.90
Dual Empi 40 & 44 HPMX & IDF Kits
Dual 40 & 44 HPMX & IDF Carb Kits
Alternator Kits
Price: From $139.90 to $249.90
Alternator Kits
Alternator Conversion Kit
Side Winder 1 1/2" & 1 5/8" Exhaust System - AA
Price: From $299.90 to $479.90
Side Winder 1 1/2" & 1 5/8" Exhaust System - AA
AA Side Winder VW Exhaust
Price: From $119.90 to $249.90
Deluxe Stroker Engine Kit 76-82mm
Price: $2,690.00
Deluxe Stroker Engine Kit 76-82mm
VW Stroker Engine Kit
Aluminum Bubble Top HD Engine Case
Price: $1,190.00
Aluminum Bubble Top HD Engine Case
HD VW Aluminum Bubble Top Case
Shockwave Ignition System - By Pat Downs
Price: $199.90
Shockwave Ignition System - By Pat Downs
Pat Downs Ignition System
Piston Kits and Barrel Only Kits Low Prices !!!!!
Price: From $114.90 to $550.00
Piston Kits and Barrel Only Kits   Low Prices !!!!!
Piston Kits 85.5, 87mm, 88mm, 90.5mm, 92mm and 94mm
Cylinder Heads - Stock to Wild
Price: From $50.00 to $499.90
Cylinder Heads - Stock to Wild
VW Cylinder Heads
Live far away? We can ship smaller items to you by U.S. Priority Mail.  The Flat Rate Priority
Mail boxes are great for shipping across the U.S. and to Hawaii. They are reasonably cheap and get to
 you usually within 3 days. Like the Post Office says "If it fits, it ships"  These boxes come in 3 sizes
small, medium and large. Our system is not capable of determining what will fit in these, nor is it capable
 of a quote for these. It is best to call and place the order if you feel these boxes will benefit you. Also for International orders we now accept Wire Transfers by Email or Phone only. 
(951) 781-0452
 We've added another shipping line.  If you feel you are not getting the proper help please call
Ron (951) 781-0452 or Email  and I'll make sure you do.
  You can also  E-mail your inquiry.  We most likely have the part.
Items are usually shipped the same day Monday - Friday. If there is going to be any issues we will call you. Our shipping costs are usually the best.  If your shipping doesn't seem right, you can call. (951) 781-0452 We're happy to fix it.
All large orders will be shipped with signature required.

If you are coming into the store to get these prices, please try to print a copy of the item(s) you would like to buy, this will help us with your order. If you can not print them its not a big deal, we can look them up. Also, please call ahead to make sure the item is in the store and not in our warehouse. We usually have it in the store though.

We are constantly adding new products to this site. If you dont see what you are looking for please call us. We have much more than seen. We always try to have the best price. Call anytime for price matching, we will match or most of the time beat anyones current advertised price on the exact same item when possible.  Thankyou for checking out our site.
(951) 781-0452 or (951) 781-4480  Email -
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