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Super Deluxe Complete Longblock

Price: $3,750.00

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This Super Deluxe Longblock kit comes with a 76, 78 or 82mm New Counterweighted Chromoly Crankshaft. A new Bubble Top Alum. Case with 10mm studs and Full Flow. You can choose from 90.5 Pistons, 92 Pistons or 94 Pistons. Heads will be opened and CC'd to match your Piston selection. Motor build should come out at 9.1 compression. As you can see you can build anywhere from 1956cc (76x90.5) up to 2275cc (82x94) You still will need to check your clearances and double check our specs when building this. Also we will build this kit for you for $600 if you like.

This is what is included in this kit:

76 to 82mm New Chromoly Counterweighted Crankshaft
New Bubble Top Case
Crank Gear Kit
Lighten 200mm, 12v 8 Dowel Flywheel
Chromoly 36mm Gland Nut
100, 110, 120 Grind Engle Camshaft
Billet Lifters
Bolt On Cam Gear
Cam Gear Bolts
Cam Plug
I-Beam Chromoly Rods
Oil Relief Kit (Plungers, Springs, Plugs and Case Hardware)
Piston Kit (with Rings, Wrist Pins and Clips)
 Cylinder Cool Tins
Manton Cut to Length Pushrods
Push Rod Tubes
Cylinder Stud Kit
Cylinder Heads (Big Valve 40x35.5 w/long reach plugs, Dual Springs)
Solid Shaft 1.1 Rockers with Swivel Adjusters
Main Bearing Dowel Pin Kit
Main Bearings
Rod Bearings
Cam Bearings
Bolt-on Valve Covers
Oil Strainer
HD Oil Pump
Full Flow Cover
 Engine Gasket Kit
Rear Main Seal
Engine Lock Nut Kit
Distributor Drive Gear & Washers
Universal Case Kit