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Brand New 1600cc Longblocks

Price: $2,750.00
Item Number: 1600-New
Let us build you a new 1600cc longblock engine. Available in Single Port or Dual Port (add $100 for Single Port).  New Case, New Crank, New Rods, New Flywheel, New Camshaft, New Lifters, New Oil Pump, New Bearings, New Pistons and Cylinders, New Cylinder Heads, New Gaskets and Seals and more...  These motors are built Valve Cover to Valve Cover with Flywheel installed as seen.  Not recommended to purchase this motor on the Website because shipping varies, they have to go by freight. Please call for a quote. No core needed on new motors. Please allow 1-2 weeks to build it if one isn't already in stock.  (951) 781-0452