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Spark Plugs, Bosch & NGK

Price: $2.00

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Bosch and NGK Spark Plugs.  Most all 1600cc Air-Cooled VW's with Stock Heads use a Short Reach 14mm Bosch W8AC or NGK B6HS.  Click Product Info to choose the ones you need.

W8AC  All Stock VW Motors  and most Mild Big Motors (1/2" Reach 14mm)
B6HS  Same as above in NGK version
B7HS  Same as above for performance engines (Colder than stock)
B8HS  Same as above for performance engines  (Even colder)
B7ES  For 3/4" Long Reach Heads  ( 3/4" Reach 14mm Hole)
B8ES  Same as B7ES but colder for Bigger Engines
D7EA  Peanut Plugs  (3/4" Reach 12mm Hole)
D8EA  Same Peanut as above but Colder.