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Wide 5 Drop Spindle Ft. Disc Brake Kits

Price: From $89.90 to $459.00

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2 1/2" Drop Spindle Front Disc Brake Kits for 5 Lug VW 5/205 (Wide 5) kit. Allows you to put Wide 5 Wheels on King and Link or Ball Joint Front Ends. Kit Includes Spindles, Calipers, Pads, Hoses, Bearings, Grease Seals, Clamp Nuts and Hardware. For Link Pin or Ball Joint Front Ends. Does not work with 14" wheels.  Replacement Rotors (Solid and Cross Drilled) available,  Pads and Calipers also available. When ordering replacement calipers please read:  

Part # RP-1 is a replacement caliper for Left Side of 22-2926 and Right Side for 22-2925.

Part # RP-2 is a replacement caliper for Left Side of 22-2925 and Right Side for 22-2926.
(Calipers do not include pads)

Replacement Pads are also available as a set (4)

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