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Drop King Pin & Ball Joint Spindles 2 1/2"

Price: From $94.90 to $99.90

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Drop Spindles are Brand New Units and not re-welded ones from used cores. CNC machined, these spindles come for Type 1 Ball Joint, or King & Link Pin front ends. Available for Drum Brakes & Disc Brakes. As with any drop spindle these will have 1/4" offset outward. 66-68 Ball Joint cars will need to upgrade to the 69 and later inner bearing (311405625D  usually &7.50 each) and 69 and later Tie Rod Ends (Usually about $12.00 each). King and Link Drum Spindles will use Stock Bearings and Seals, K&L Disc Spindles will only work with late model 4 Lug Rotors With Conv. Bearing Kit (22-2851-0). All other years should be just fine with nothing else needed. Click Product Info to choose yours. 

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