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Counter Weighted Crankshafts

Price: From $149.90 to $429.90

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Counter-Weighted Crankshafts come 69mm - 84mm. Cranks are available in 4140 and 4340 Chromoly (Race). 4140 Chromoly Cranks are great for any big motor for the street or off-road. 4340 Cranks are an even better choice and are magna fluxed, shot peened with nitrided journals, precision ground and micro polished. Also Dynamic balance, 8 dowel, extra long 8mm dowel pins.  Also available are the 69mm - 74mm Steel Counterweighted Crankshafts. These are great cranks, they are not 2nds or blems. Top quality and we have no issues with them.  These cranks fit all early and late Type 1 VW Air-cooled cases.  Click product options tab to choose yours.

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