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38mm EGAS Single Carb Kit

Price: $299.90
Item Number: 47-0628
An Industry 1st. A synchronous 38mm 2 Barrel Carb on an Isolated Center Aluminum Manifold. Features a true Pre Heat System and Electric Choke on the front side instead of against the shroud. The perfect intake system for street or off road offering excellent power, performance and drivalbility. Basically like a Single 40 IDF but a little smaller with a choke. The kit includes an 38 EPC Carb, Intake Manifold, Pre Heat Tubes, Round Chrome Air Cleaner, Linkage, Gaskets, Hardware and Instructions. Comes jetted for smaller 1600cc - 1776cc engines. For use with stock D/P end castings. It has been brough to our attention that on some applications with an Alternator that the carb touches up against the larger part of the Alternator, there are two ways to fix this. One is that you can grind the Alternator a little bit, the other is two trim the 3 & 4 side intake tube a little where it meets the end casting and simply move the manifold and carb over a little. Fits all Type 1 Dual Port Engines, Fits Type 2 Bus through 1971